Hello! My name is Amélie and I'm a designer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.​
In 2018, I graduated from La Cité College with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. This experience has allowed me to work with small businesses to develop their brand identities for over five years. I'm also currently working as a graphic designer within the public sector.
In June 2022, I graduated from Carleton University's School of Industrial Design with a minor in Technology, Society, Environment Studies. Sustainability and accessibility continue to play important roles in my design process. This experience has led me to occupy a role within an exhibits team as a designer as well as a UI researcher and developer. Additionally, I've worked as a research assistant on various projects at Carleton University, including projects exploring gendered and political design, accessibility in design, and a multi-sensory approach to design in education. 
I'm always learning and eager to improve my skills, expand my experience, and pursue new opportunities, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to chat. 
Thanks for stopping by! 
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